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Sun Coast Introductions has helped Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and just about every denomination of the Christian faith meet, mingle and find their match during our many decades in business. We are the experts in personal matchmaking in Florida with local offices in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Largo, and Winter Park to serve you.

Our personal matchmaking team is with you every step of the way down this very spiritual and personal journey. They are available to offer continuous coaching, advice, and guidance to assist you in reaching your relationship goals. Our experienced matchmakers will assess compatibility and hand select quality introductions for you that have been customized to fit your faith and preferences. This ensures you maximize your potential in finding a successful, long term relationship you desire.

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To schedule a free consultation, just fill out our simple questionnaire. We will conduct a one-on-one confidential consultation to get to know you on a personal level and reveal more about the faith based qualities you are looking for in that ideal companion. We are passionate about helping our clients to find the right one, and our methods are proven to be exceedingly successful at assisting them in establishing long lasting and committed relationships with quality Christians. We do not have an online database of pictures and profiles for the whole world to see. Our service is completely private and discreet through the entire process. There are no fake profiles and people pretending to be whatever you're looking for. These are real Christians looking for that like-minded individual with a strong faith and committed relationship.

Take That Leap of Faith

Let Sun Coast Introductions help you meet and date like-minded Christian singles that share your interests, principles, beliefs and values. Religious singles choose us because they are tired of dating the wrong individuals who don't pursue the same religious mission in life. This is the blessing you've been looking for. We look forward to helping you meet the Christian of your dreams.

“Thanks for being my matchmaker! I find you to be responsive, respective, upbeat, encouraging. I have no patience and of course wanted to find Mr. Right out of the starting gate. Didn’t happen, but the men you referred to me were nice - just nothing in common and not for me.

Mike seems to have the qualities I’m looking for in a potential husband - I’m excited that he too wants to get to know me and we are both taking it slow. I’m requesting my membership be put on hold until I let you know otherwise.

First glance at Mike walking toward me was great - he doesn’t look 66. Very nice looking and nice smile.

My priorities:

Christian - yes! He has a wonderful heart for God

Talkative - yes! He talked almost as much as me and is good at sharing and listening. Open & honest - Yes! Also says loyal, which is important for me!

Active - Yes! Although he is currently a workaholic he enjoys lots of activities and many the same as me. He has played tennis in the past and is willing to give it another try (not that it’s a deal breaker but could be interesting). He used to be a runner (not me). We both love the water and he has a boat. We both love theatre and music and animals.

Thus far we’ve talked almost 3 hours and I have no negatives or red flags to be of concern. I’m really excited!

Previously I was concerned that you wouldn’t be able to find someone with the qualities I am looking for. I am very particular and won’t settle for second-best. If I have to remain single, so be it. But I kept praying that God would have the right someone sign up for the program. I sincerely hope that’s Mike - so far so good. We definitely have a lot in common and now we need to have some time to get to know one another.

Have a great week - and hopefully I won’t be calling you any time soon!